Settlement Agent Perth

What is a Settlement Agent?

Any person licensed to arrange or effect the settlement of the sale/purchase or exchange of real estate.


What does a Settlement Agent do?

The primary responsibility of a Settlement Agent is to ensure that that the client receives what the contract entitles them to. For a seller it’s about ensuring that their mortgage is discharged and they receive full sales proceeds. For the buyer it’s about ensuring that the documents prepared will result in them owning the property they have paid for.

So it’s important you choose one you can trust!


What makes us the best choice of Settlement Agent in Perth?

  • Personal service – we are not a settlement factory. You will receive the same care and attention as family & friends
  • Experienced staff – with over 30 years combined experience you have the peace of mind knowing that we have the right answer to your questions
  • High level of attention to detail – all staff hold the highest level of educational qualifications for settlement agents. We don’t make mistakes we fix them
  • No hidden fees!