Specialists in Subdivision Settlements

We offer clients a seamless service from subdivision to issue of Titles (and settlement if required).


The lodgment and approval of a Survey/Deposited Plan at Landgate does not automatically create separate Titles for each of the new lots. A document procedure  is required that will cancel the current ‘parent ‘ Title, register the Plan  and create new titles in the  same  ownership  as the parent Title.  This is typically undertaken by a Settlement Agent or Solicitor.



From Subdivision to
Settlement, Quicker!

TLD Settlements part of subdivision specialists – The Land Division (‘TLD’) combines the services of experienced Licensed Surveyors, Town Planners and Licensed Settlement Agents. This integrated approach allows an expert from each field to offer their foresight at each stage of a subdivision project. The result is a more efficient and streamlined service, faster processing and lodgement of applications for new Titles and an earlier settlement.

Faster Title Applications.
Faster Return on Investment.

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While many settlement agents do not undertake subdivision work due to lack of knowledge of Landgate requirements, our settlement agents work alongside town planners and surveyors, they also have experience dealing with subdivision requirements such as Duties Act and Strata Titles Act. With this knowledge, TLD avoids delays due to errors in paperwork.



“No other company offers this level of expertise and streamlined service for subdivision projects. TLD is in the know at every step from surveying and town planning through to the issue of Titles and settlement.”



Subdivision is what we do.landgate-graphic

With established relationships with banks that lodge documents at Landgate, and staff that can liaise with real estate agents, TLD Settlements can have your application for new Titles sorted faster and as a result have your property ready for settlement sooner. The quicker titles are issued the earlier you can repay loans, reduce outgoing interest, reduce stress and re-invest any profits from sales.